How we make a difference

Make people happy, they deserve it!

We at Costlierbox don’t provide just another gift. We put a smile on faces. Not only on the faces of the receivers of the Costlierbox but also on the faces of the gifters.

A smile on the face of the gifters

We make gifters smile by making it easy for the gifters to choose a gift. Can't choose between gifting flowers, a card or something else? Why don’t gift it all. The Costlierbox has it all. It is the perfect all-in-one-gift for every occasion which comes standard with a FREE personalised gold foil card to make the receivers feel extra special.

A smile on the face of the receivers

Our luxurious and unique items are certain to satisfy even the most difficult gift receivers. The Costlierbox is a true surprise box with two layers filled with extraordinary wannahaves gifts. Furthermore it can’t only be given as a gift, but can also serve as a centerpiece once open for guests to admire and can be kept forever as a keepsake box.

Our community

Together with our community we inspire people on Social Media to find and /or create gifts that the receivers will treasure forever. Together we can make each other smile and add value to the world. For this reason in our name the word 'Costlier' is included which means of great value. 

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