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Merry Christmas
  • Merry Christmas

    Surprise your loved ones with a special gift this Christmas. What makes this product special? It is the perfect all-in one gift. Can't choose between gifts and like to give something luxurious, unique and personal? Than this box is perfect for you. Satisfaction guaranteed.


    This Costlierbox consists of:

    - A personalized robe to keep them warm for years from GA Lifestylewear.

    - A personalized water bottle to keep them hydrated for years.

    - A personalized candle to bring more light in their home/ office.

    - A stone vase with an eternal rose to enjoy for years.

    - Sweet Belgian chocolates.


    The perfect gift for every moment.


    Make them happy, they deserve it!


    The Costlierbox is not just another gift. It is a surprise box.


    Our luxurious and unique Costlierboxes are filled with delicacies and extraordinary wannahaves gifts which will guaranteed make the receiver happy. First, the lid has to be opened and then the bow has to be untied and the Costlierbox to perceive and enjoy all the unique, personal and luxurious surprises. The Costlierbox, with its beautiful bow, can be given as a gift, but can also serve as a centerpiece once open for guests to admire.

    € 100,00Price

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